Multi-Indication Pump

  • Laparoscopy
  • Arthroscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Urology
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Resource-saving, simple, innovative

Different Pump Systems have been used for each indication up until now. This means hospitals increasingly face problems pertaining to training time and effort, as well as logistics.

The Multi-Indication Pump facilitates everyday routine hospital activities. The ingenious device combines a streamlined design, easy operation, and maximum safety. Key parameters are seen at a glance, allowing for quick and correct actions by personnel. Real-world tests have shown that the device – and with all four indications – can be operated with confidence after just one training session.

Stringent safety measures reliably prevent overpressure in the application area. Each device is the culmination of over 40 years of expertise and experience in the field of developing pumps.

Patient safety

The Pump can be used with up to four indications. Each indication can be unlocked individually as well as combined with one another. The automatic instrument recognition optimally adjusts the Pump to the instrument to be used. A transponder in the tube ensures the highest level of patient safety and maximizes pump output. The device is also equipped with a vacuum pump for suction, a 5.7″ touch screen display, and an optional foot switch. The Pump is designed for more than 15 languages.

T0550-01 Transponder, Indications LAP, ARTHRO, HYS and URO
T0551-01 Transponder, Indication LAP
T0552-01 Transponder, Indication ARTHRO
T0553-01 Transponder, Indication HYS
T0554-01 Transponder, Indication URO



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