MVR Lite 4K

  • 4K / HD Recording, Video Review
  • Patient Data Input
  • Touch Screen Compatible (External)
  • 2 HDMI Inputs, 1 HDMI Output
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Introducing The New MVR Lite 4K

The MVR Lite 4K is a premium-quality, easy-to-use, 4K Ultra HD medical video recorder that introduces stunning detail and clarity to videos and images not seen before with today’s HD technology. With four times the picture resolution of HD medical video recorders, the MVR Lite 4K records a greater sense of depth and better color distinctions – providing for a more accurate and superior view of surgical procedure recordings.

The MVR Lite 4K is perfect for surgery centers, operating rooms and theaters that are using 4K cameras and monitors to achieve the life-like accuracy required for their procedures, and that also require the same level of detail for post-surgery review and conferences.

High-Quality Recording

The MVR Lite 4K records hours of vivid, life-like video and audio onto a USB or external hard drive for archiving, sharing or reviewing, captures still images while recording, and plays back directly

  • Records 4K Ultra HD video at 2160p
  • Records Full HD for hospitals which are not yet 4K compatible
  • Multi-Input recording provides for two-camera procedures with easy toggling functionality
  • Captures still frames while recording
  • Play back functionality to review the video


Easy to Use

This advanced, 4K medical-grade recorder is intuitive and requires no formal training. Its light weight, compact size allows for easy connection to the 4K camera and video monitor, and can be operated by:

  • Front-Panel Buttons
  • Touch Screen Monitor with MediCapture’s user-friendly icons,
  • Compatible Touchscreen Monitors
  • Surgical Camera or Scope
  • Remote Control (included)
  • Foot Pedal


Compact and Rugged

The MVR Lite 4K is compact, easy to mount and is rugged enough for any operating room situation with its stainless steal case and fluid resistant front panel.

Patient Data

Automatically prompts you to enter patient information via keyboard to the monitor prior to recording. The patient information is saved with the recording on the USB or external hard drive for efficient work flow and data security.
Workflow Integration

Videos and still images are saved with the patient data to a USB or external hard drive to be archived or reviewed post surgery.

Powered by the iMave Pro Platform

Powered by the exclusive iMave Pro Platform, the MVR Lite 4K operates with an innovative, smart operating system that provides for robust functionality like premium-quality 4K Ultra HD, real-time review, multi-input recording and a high-quality compression level that delivers stunning 4K resolution with vivid clarity, while meeting your storage needs.



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