POWERGRIP : Bipolar Coagulation Forceps

Established handle


Wide range of electrodes

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Precise coagulation, more powerful grasping, better cutting and more exact work:

The Bissinger POWERGRIP is an instrument used for grasping, cutting and bipolar coagulation in Minimally Invasive Surgery.

It is characterized by a mechanism enabling well adjustable opening and closing of the jaws with very high pressure while grasping and cutting. This is accompanied by precise coagulation of the tissue. The jaws are moved by a double hinge which is connected electrically and mechanically to the handle by a slide rod.

The connector for standardized bipolar cables is integrated in the particularly ergonomic handle made of high quality PEEK polymer. This saves the purchase of expensive special cables and prevents them from being connected incorrectly.

We supply standardized bipolar cables for connection topractically all common high-frequency generators.

The Bissinger POWERGRIP can be dismantled in three parts.

This enables thorough and reliable cleaning and facilitates the execution of repair work or the replacement of defective parts.

Beyond that, the Bissinger POWERGRIP offers a number of important further advantages:

  • exchangeable electrode inserts for different applications
  • easy handling
  • excellent cleaning and ease of repair



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