VAPROX® HC Sterilant

  • Maximum efficacy while remaining gentle on devices using a 59% Hydrogen Peroxide formula
  • Stay green with a formulation that leaves 100% biodegradable byproducts
  • Maximize productivity with more cycles from your chemistry between changes
  • Optimize and plan your sterilant usage with the new smart cup, which identifies when sterilant is running low and when expiration is approaching (V-PRO® maX 2 Sterilizers only)
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VAPROX HC Sterilant, containing 59% Hydrogen Peroxide, is designed specifically for use in the V-PRO® maX, V-PRO® maX 2, V-PRO® 1 Plus, V-PRO® 60 and V-PRO® 1 Low Temperature Sterilization Systems.

Now available for V-PRO maX 2 Sterilizers, the new smart cup of VAPROX HC Sterilant is designed to help save time and expense from wasted sterilant. The smart cup is equipped with RFID technology to automatically identify if you are running low on sterilant or the expiration date is approaching, so you are able to better maximize sterilant usage.

How VAPROX HC Sterilant Works

Hydrogen Peroxide is a well characterized sterilant that demonstrates broad-spectrum efficacy against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and bacterial spores.  Microbicidal activity is increased in the gaseous phase, where hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidant attacking membrane lipids, DNA and other essential cell components.

Why VAPROX HC Sterilant?

Safety – All-in-one, simple to use, VAPROX HC Sterilant is designed with your safety in mind. The cartridge is self-contained with two protective membranes that helps to prevent staff exposure to chemistry with no special disposal boxes required; dispose empty cups in regular waste.

Efficiency – An encrypted data matrix code (in standard cups) and RFID chips (in smart cups) ensure expired sterilant is never used.

Productivity – Lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide throughout each cycle reduces the risk of device and instrument damage. Additionally, with 15 cycles between changes, you will get more cycles from your chemistry. Air Shipment option is also available.



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