Sonic Irrigation SA ‘S’

  • Sonic Irrigation™
  • New Touch Screen & Animated Technology
  • Enhanced sonic generator
  • New user friendly control system
  • USB port connectivity (Medicate)
  • 39L tank total capacity
  • Automatic fill on detergent process
  • Process up to 12 cannulated instruments
  • Intuitive basket docking system
  • Process Interlocked lid
  • Water re-utilisation program
  • Traceability system compatibility
  • WRAS compliant
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The versatile SI SA ‘S’ system offers a water utilisation mode the machine will fill and run the cleaning cycle automatically with auto detergent dosing, irrigation and ultrasonics. At the end of cycle water can be drained automatically when acknowledged by user or reused if required.

The SI SA ‘S’ has twin CPE (Cannulated Pulse Enhancement) irrigation systems offering a higher lumen flushing capacity and throughput over conventional ultrasonic cleaners.




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