Medisafe Sonic Irrigation PCF ‘S’

  • Thermal disinfection (A 3000)
  • da Vinci family compatible
  • Produces less than <10μg in a single cycle
  • Sonic Irrigation™
  • New touch screen & animated technology
  • Enhanced sonic generator
  • Reflectasonic chamber – extra-long service life
  • New user friendly control system
  • USB port connectivity (Medicate)
  • 72L tank total capacity
  • Process 20+ cannulated instruments
  • Security bar with automatic locking lid
  • Water re-utilisation program
  • HTM 01-01 / EN ISO 15883 compliant
  • AAMI TIR 30 & 12 compliant
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The New PCF ‘S’ has a large chamber capacity for maximum instrument throughput, accommodates full DIN tray without instrument decanting and auto tunes to get optimum performance by controlling the frequency within the range of 36 to 40KHz.

With an Intuitive ‘drop lock’ design, that creates a better carrier/chamber seal increasing lumen flushing pressure. An advanced circuit board that offers 36% improvement on power efficiency compared to historic board.

Using the Reflectasonic surface coating significantly improves ultrasonic activity and cleaning performance, allowing more energy to pass through the wall of the ultrasonic surface, resulting in more energy-efficient process.

Unlike conventional washers, the Sonic Irrigator PCF ‘S’ delivers an exceptionally high pressure of wash fluid to the lumened instrument or device, ensuring the inside of the device instrument is clean thoroughly as the outside.




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